Help with end of game widgets

I need to use properties and end of game widgets so that if one team loses all of its players, then end the game and use an end of game widget to display a property showing that the other team has won. Can someone help?


The following tutorial is to check for one specific team to lose all its players

Step 1: Place a lifecycle device, a relay, a counter, and a property device.

Step 2: Next connect the lifecycle device to the relay like so

Step 3: Click on the relay and match the content to the image

(you can set the team number to any you’d like. Also, you will have to repeat this tutorial for each team)

Step 4: Click on property and change the name and type

Step 5A: Connect the relay device to the counter and wire like so

Step 5B: Click on the counter and head over to the property tab; match it to the image


First part done! Onto the second part.

Step 6: Add a knockout manager, another relay device, and an end game device

Step 7: Connect the knockout device to the relay like so

Step 8: Next click on the relay and edit the contents like so


Step 9: Connect the relay to the counter and make it decrement the value

Step 10: Next, add a checker device and connect the relay to it

Step 11: Now open up the checker, and head over to the Check #1 tab and change it to match the image

Step 12: This is the final step. Connect the checker to the end game function

Next add an end of game widget (if you haven’t already) and set the property option to gameWinner, then add a property block, name it gameWinner, and set it to a text property. Next, connect a trigger to the checker function, then go into blocks and when triggered. In the code, use the setProperty block to set the gameWinner property to “Team 1 won” by using a text block.

(Sorry, did not have time to take images, if you need them to do this, let me know and I will get them later)

Hopefully this helps you! Let me know if it does not work, I’ll work on fixing it!


Oops forgot the end-of-game widget. Give me a minute to add that

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I did add it…. I edited the post

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really good tutorial, but I got lost in the coding. Can you please add a picture of the code?

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thank you for informing me

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