Help with devices and area

I need help so that if the player is in that area that i put then if broadcasted destroyed 1 while being in that area then it changes the money by 10

Are you saying that when a player enters the zone, the money per second changes to ten per second?

no, so like this is a roblox game where if your in the area and the broadcast destroyed1 happens then it gives the players in that area their current money amount + 10

Ok. So do you have a prop that can be destroyed?

yeah, i already created that system

Alright. So connect a wire from the prop to an item granter. Make it so that when prop is destroyed :arrow_right: grant cash.

Make the item granter so it gives 10 cash. If you want to the prop to show when a player enters the zone, make another wire that connects the zone to the prop. Players enters zone :arrow_right: prop activates.

yeah but i want it so it only gives money IF your in the area that i placed down, the zone device

Player enters zone → Set Property Value(Property) in a Trigger to True(TF Property)
Player leaves zone → Set the Property in a trigger’s blocks to False
Have your property device.
Wire the Prop to a Trigger
Prop destroyed → Trigger
Trigger’s blocks:
If Property = True
DO Broadcast grantmoney
Item Granter grants on grantmoney

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tyyyy :slight_smile: let em try it

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