Help with debugging!

So I was making a game. Basically, I know it all works except for this part. Each turn, the newly place card takes up 1 slot, and the rest get bumped back. That works. Now, if the 1st card = the 3rd card, it should set the property call allowed to true. But it always sets it to false when I press an overlay button! (It’s a card game)
Please help, I have tried almost everything! But to no avail

try changing the first one to if equal false

I recommend making the property a number. Some blocks / devices don’t work very well with Booleans.

hmm, Ok, but I thought true/false works best

I tried, it didn’t work, so I swapped to this, still didn’t work

it’s just the same as 0s and 1s, just the computer can understand it easier

what are you trying to do in the devices

this is only if your code isn’t causing the problem.

Hm, ok, Because the code looks fine, I have checked it 10 times, and the other parts to, but ok! Ill try it later and let u know if it works

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So you can place down cards, and if the 3rd card place matches the 3rd card placed something happens, but it always thinks it shouldn’t happen, I know everything else works fine…

I don’t think it is.

Can you explain how you are trying to do it?

Congrats on member, coral!

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@potato1 Ok, 3 properties, 3 triggers. When the turn is over “signaled by a channel” It bumps everything you placed down, in a row sort of with the properties. That works fine (I used text to see in game) But the code checks if the 1st card in a list = the 3rd, if so something happens But it never does

property 1 and property 3 are both boolean or number propertys?


maybe to what @JoeTheChicken said and switch them to number.

I gtg I will help you later

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Instead of using = true for booleans, you can just put the property there, and it will run if true.

I don’t get it

Instead of saying
If (myfunproperty = true)
You can say
If (myfunproperty)
Also you don’t need the else if, just else since you already know it is false if the first check doesn’t pass