Help with creating a map

hey guys i need help figuring out how people make maps like among us or fighting kind of games

among-us is where you want to go.

hi not only among us but like fighting games

battle-royale maybe?

Fighting against others or against sentries?

not exaclty to be more persise i want ones where you can tag people in some areas and other you fight together all as a team sentryes and also at times where you are split into groups and you fight each other

they put lots of effort to make it high quality and they spend lots of time building the map? I’m referring to the good maps like magenta dragon’s among us and stuff like that

so, kinda like a mini game map?

The maps take effort and quite a few of them have a lot of coding

well do you think you can give me tips?

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binge read every mapmaking and coding guide in the forums’ existence lol

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Tell us what the first thing you want to do is and we might be able to help you from there.

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For the coding when u are confused you can look at a the guides here

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or you make a help topic on it

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Yup just you try to start and when you need help you can look here

ok @LuckyCheeseburgers89 to start i want to make a room where there are tag zones and some team zones to play against each other and knock one another out.

secondally I want to add a zone where the teams are takin away and you have to fight bots

How can players go to these zones?

honaslty i am going to close this topic I am being kinda confusing I mean no one is understanding me

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