Help with checkpoints

so i was trying to find a way for checkpoints so i found an old @samdafishy post
and i think i did it right but its not working

Ok, so what do you need help with? nvm

it was an overlay button linked to a teleporter

So the overlay button teleports you to an area?

a teleporter, but yes

Connect the overlay button to a teleporter (button pressed → teleport here). Make sure the overlay is set to a button.

my gosh im dumb i didnt have the overlay enabled on game start sorry guys just good old me messed up again sorry for your time

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please what what you say, Screwed is not super appropreate.

It’s okay, I’m glad this has been resolved.

Same here, we all make mistakes.

Not really. I know a lot of people that would say "screwed up.

sorry i will watch my langugae

However, I would refrain from saying it really often, if that makes other people happy.

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I know, i say it a lot irl, but this is a educational game site and some younger people are on here and should not really know what that means.

Trust me, they probably do.

lol, lets hope not.(you are probibly right thought)

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