Help with cave design

I’m trying to make a cave and I can’t decide what to use. I’m thinking maybe dark scraps?

You could use space rock

And rock props

You could use dark scraps, a black barrier with collision off and opacity at not 1, and some dark props. Maybe a withered tree?

That might work…
Any ideas for stalactites/stalagmites?

Lemme hop on Gimkit and check.

How do you feel about this?


That looks pretty good! Is is wooden signs? I was just going to stack rocks like a caveman…

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Yeah, just turned to black and rotated.

The downside is that it has to be in black, but it’s a cool little effect. And if you set then to above layer, you could have the player walk under them. May not look very good as stalagmites though. (edit: I just got that joke…)

Jumbo stalagmite:

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Turn off the shadow on the top two

I destroyed it, just seeing if I could get anything that vaguely resembles a rock formation.

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Thank you guys for all your help. I have settled on a design of concrete, dark scraps, and assorted small rocks and plants. I am going to mark this resolved.

Hey @Dragontamer! I haven’t seen you on the forums for so long!

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