Help with bug possiblly in block code

Why do I not recieve the activity feed for this:

@getrithekd and @Blackhole927 would know this

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What’s the setup?

Is there a get variable block?

No. You just use the variable.

This may be something with your screen resolution. If your screen resolution is too small, then activity feed won’t be displayed. Do other activity feed messages show up?

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I have it in a trigger and it’s triggered by a lifecycle.

Is it a wire or a channel? Also, is it for game start?

Wire. Yes, it’s.

I don’t think it’s that.

Try switching to a channel.


It made no difference.

Ok. Let me think. Try putting a relay for everyone in between the lifecycle and the trigger. That probably won’t fix it though.

Ok I’ll try.

Still doesn’t work…

Ok. Not a scope problem then.

If you just cut out the middleman and get rid of the variable, does it work?

Huh, tested it and it seems to work for me. Just making sure, it’s a lifecycle set to game start connected to a trigger with that block, right? Because the activity feed does appear for me.

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I have found that activity feeds only show when my screen zoom is at 80% or less. Maybe that is the issue?