Help with brainstorming ideas

Hey there!
Iv’e been stuck brainstorming ideas for my new guides…
Any ideas?

-Thank you, FC

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Well, we might get a “Design” tab where you can put Art sometime, so maybe focus on that?

Well yes, but Jeffo never said no…
plus I like making things!

I mean, you could do what I do and try to push the limits of GKC. Maybe try layering terrain to make new tiles?

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Oh actually if you could, can you figure out how to make a train using props?

Could you elaborate on the tiles more?

yea, ill start on that rn actually!

Like on layer 1, you place a red plastic, and on layer two, you place a boardwalk? Something along the lines of that

I see, I’ll look forward to trying something along the lines of that in the future.
Thank you!


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You could combine the game design process with explanations regarding certain elements of the game - for example, if you were making an arena-fighting game and wanted to make a guide explaining how to give players certain items at certain times. The main thing to keep in mind is that guides are also supposed to help other people create their games, so guides are even more effective when they’re more likely to help lots of different people make lots of different games.


I think I messed up in that regard…

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Layering terrain seems like a good idea because a lot of people can use it - it’s also part of the world design process (as opposed to game mechanics), so I can imagine plenty of people getting inspiration from whatever specific design ends up being made :]

I’m just asking for an object or like an interesting place that I could make using props…
I am helping people create their games cause let’s say they want to put a fish tank in their lobby/hotel or for something else, I would have a guide on how to make one.


Look, I get your point but I just love to build in Gimkit Creative and the mechanics confuse me a lot. So do you have an idea not involving mechanics?

Make a prop that people could use that is not added/available yet. Cough cough train

Personally I spend most of my time messing around with various mechanics, so I don’t have very many ideas that don’t relate to that, but what about level design? Most of what makes a game work relates to mechanics, but it’s harder to enjoy playing a game that isn’t outwardly appealing. You could make a guide teaching people how to design their own props (with examples of the already-existing props you find helpful), or even make a gallery of games/levels/props that you’ve already designed in order to give people ideas - that seems like the kind of thing that would help other people make more engaging games.

As for making guide related to specific props… they can be very helpful! I was pointing out a common misconception earlier as a suggestion for something to keep in mind, but guides can be specific and still help a lot of people (for example, there’s a dungeon crawler guide that is very in-depth and detailed, but somewhat specific - that’s still a helpful guide, even though it’s specific), but they are usually more helpful to people who want to make something that involves that specific mechanic. Still, even if your guide only helps one or two people make a better game, it’s still worth making :]