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So, in my game, I have 2 buttons. One activates easy mode, one activates hard mode. The button for easy mode sends a signal on a channel called “easy mode” and the button for hard mode sends a signal on a channel called “hard mode”. On the end of game screen, I want it to say “Selected mode: (inputs either the word easy or the word hard depending on what they choose)”. Can someone help me with the block code for this? Any help is appreciated very much!

use this guide

Use a Property and Block Code…
Ya it will have to take up 500-1000 memory.

have the buttons trigger separate triggers. get a property called “mode” and make it a text property. one trigger has this block code:
set property: mode
value “Easy”.

then get another trigger connected to the other button. give it this block code:
set property: mode
value “Hard”.

Make your end of game widget track the “mode” property

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Make two widgets, one for easy, one for hard, and activate them when the button for the right difficulty is pressed.

I understand how the end of game widget works (sorry, I changed the title of the post to make it less confusing). I’m asking if anyone knows specifically what blocks to use to get this to happen.

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Oh, alright.

Thank you everyone for all your help!!

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