Help with Bedwars Shop

Yeah, I know. I’m really posting Help Topics now. So, I have a shop for each team.
The Weapons on Sale:
Wooden Wand
Quantum Portal
Snowball Launcher(Costs Snowballs)
Evil Eye(Costs Snowballs)

The order of best to worst:

  • Zapper
  • Wooden Wand
  • Quantum Portal
  • Evil Eye
  • Snowball Launcher

I just need the amount to pay for this, and I can’t settle on an amount.

What are the rarities?

Zapper - Common
Wooden Wand - Uncommon
QP - Common(Too powerful in damage)
EE - Rare
SL - Uncommon(REAL powerful, but Common is too small)

I’d ask people to playtest your game for things like balancing.

I can’t get on the WIX right now, and the game isn’t even close to finished. I’m working on the shop.

How can you earn cash?

nvm i forgot it was from the dropper

Zapper - 25-30$

Wooden Wand - 35-40$

Quantum Portal - 70$

Slingshot - 60$

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Item Dropper; And that’s too cheap.
I drop Light Shards, Medium Shards, Heavy Shards, and Tickets.
The Shards are used for Ammo and cash, the Tickets are for Paths. Snowballs(Emeralds) in the Middle.

okay, I think I remember the prices, I’ll try to fix it.

Zapper (Uncommon) - 75$

Wooden Wand (Uncommon) - 125$

Evil Eye - 200$

Slingshot (Uncommon) - 175$

Quantum Portal - 250$

Oh yeah I forgot the Slingshot. What about Snowball Launcher? Good Prices, though. I think I’ll make the Snowball Launcher 300… Thanks.


wooden wand-320

quantum portal-280

snowball launcher-180

Snowball Launcher maybe 275$?
Way better than the Quantum Portal.
300$ is also reasonable just because for the sheer power.

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why does the zapper cost so much and sl so little?

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he did say sl was the worst and zapper the best

First of all, I am a SHE. Second, I said the SL was the best weapon in the game.

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I wouldn’t say it’s the best but definitely in the Top 3s.
Snowball Launcher + Evil Eye = Slingshot
Definitely very underrated


oh i thought (why do i have to use this)

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