Help With Bedwars Scoreboard

I am working on this platformer bedwars map that I want to publish, and I am having trouble making the leaderboard work at the end. Everything else works fine, but I am rusty and have not played creative for a while so I don’t know how to do this.
I want the winning team to have this in the leaderboard.

Check Map Options.

I did, but I still can’t figure it out. I know I have to use “property” and I also know it has something to do with a counter but no clue to the rest.

You should give the winning team an item, then have the leaderboard track track that item. Have the Leaderboard’s title be “BEDS DESTROYED”.

If you need photos, let me know!


Oh I never thought about that! A photo or two would be very helpful. Thank you, @ClicClac !

when prop destroyed → grant item.
bed prop → item granter.
that’s what clicclac means, or something like that. then yeah you do the leaderboard thing.


Sorry that this took so long!


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