Help with Battle Royal

I need to set a specific team to not spawn in a certain spawn pad when game happens. BTW it is free for all.

If it is free for all, then how do you have specific teams? Are you using psuedo teams?

So its like host spanws in a specifit area?

Why not just change the spawn pad to a specific team? Is that what you did?

In beginning, everyone spawns randomy in different spots and when you die you end up at box.

Using a knockout manager to send them to a teleporter?

So you could just disperse spawn pads everywhere for randomized spawning, or have them spawn on a randomized teleporter.

Yeah, do that, but have a checker checking the team’s number before spawning.

I did the spawn pad.

Btw how do you do when player dies they switch to spectator?

Use a knockout manager and set it to a specific team using block code.
Then wire it to a team switcher that makes them spectators.
Player knocked out switch player to configured team
Need pictures?

On a scale of 1 to 10 on how much I understood that: 4

Yes, I do need pictures

Using a knockout manager to run a task like such will instead set the player that is knocking out the other player to spectator.

You will need to use one lifecycle (The pink device) and set it to on player knocked out.
One team switcher (Blue device) and then set it to switch a player to spectator. Then wire the lifecycle to the team switcher.

EDIT: If you want it to function for a separate team, then simply take a wire repeater and make it so that it only lets in signals from your wanted team. Then wire the lifecycle to the wire repeater, and the wire repeater to the team switcher.

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Wait a minute, he said a specific team.
It doesn’t give you the option. It’ll do that for any player.

Then you can simply put in a wire repeater to block signals from all other teams.

But wire repeaters can mess up sometimes. You’d have to use several wire repeaters, so instead just use a single block code.

Why would you need only one repeater? A wire repeater also consumes less memory than the 500 memory required for block code.


Okay, you know what, that’s a better alternative. Thanks.