Help with art for my map

I was thinking of making a map in which players have to go through a maze without stepping on the flowers to get to the middle, where there is a shrine (like in Zelda). I don’t know how the make art for the shrine, so if someone could help me I would appreciate it.

I have another question! In Zelda, if you step on the flowers three times, you lose hearts. Is there a way to do this in my map?

Yeah. Use a counter. When a player steps on the flower, increment the counter. When the counter reaches its target of 3, reset counter and make the player loose health. Set the counter’s scope to player.

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So basically you want concept art?

or you want a thumbnail?

could you be just a bit more specific?

(also let us know what gims you want if it’s a thumbnail)

I just want ideas for what the shrine should look like in game. I’m not really creative with props but I want it to look like a shrine in breath of the wild

Is anyone still here?

I am.

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Do you know how to create a shrine?

You mean, like with art?

Yeah like with props and barriers and stuff

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I like it but it’s not what I’m looking for. I would like it to look like this:

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what the sigma
(sorry i’m just surprised)

Yeah it’s confusing
I just want it to look somewhat like this so that players know what it is if they play breath of the wild

Does this work? The general shape is okay, but I couldn’t find anything to make the brown squiggles on the outside. The code is inactive.


@Yolk That is really good! Could you tell me how you made it?

@Yolk can you tell me what you used for the symbol at the top and the body of it? i have the ceramic plates already

Remember that you can tint the coral to make it look golden-ish. It might not work though if it’s too red I guess.
@HP7divergent46THG12 I think they used a bunch of text devices. It looks like three of ^, two ), and one o.
Also you could use the eye of hours 𓂀

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The sides are blackboard legs. The door is just two parentheses with a bunch of gray text in between them. The pattern around the door is coral. The sheikah eye was made of 2 parentheses on the top and bottom, an o in the middle, and three △ on top of the parenthesis.

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What did you use for the top of the shrine below the sheikah symbol?

the ways of yolk prop art can not be understood by our mere human brains…

anyways, the coral is a good touch! I would’ve never thouhgt of that :0

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