Help with among us map

Is it possible for people to spy on other people in the admin room ? If so, can you tell me how?

No, the most you could do is set the player into sepctator mode, but you can’t get the player out of spectator. That is all you can do with the cams room. Sorry, but I made my own Among Us map and that is all I could do.

For cams, you can use a button and a teleporter and when the button is pressed, it’ll teleport to the room on where they want to see. If they click which room to see, they’ll get teleported to a room on a hiding spot.

but people can still get on those teleports even when they are not from cams.

What do you mean they can still go on the teleporters?

Also when I do a button Teleport system, the teleport works both by clicking the button and clicking the teleporter, how do you stop this?

Huh? I don’t get it.

A I can walk through the teleporter, and it will teleport me, however I want to be teleported only when clicking the button.

Click on the teleporter, and remove the teleporter groups, and all of them, i mean.

Ok, if I do that, won’t I not be able to teleport even by clicking the button though?

any one can walk on a teleporter, so if you can go one way, some else can go the other.

Yes, but you can make 1 way teleporters as well.

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