Help with among us dead body

Hello! So umm I am making an among us game for me and my friends to play, but, there is always an issue, I am using a tagging style kill button, this means I can’t drop a ticket onto the persons last place of motion with the knockout device. So, umm, can somebody give me some ideas on a fix for this???

i have no idea btw the correct grammar is my friends and I

I know I can never seem to get it right.

ha lol so funny hehe

No, it’s actually my friends and me. If you place I alone in that sentence, it will sound like “I am making an Among Us game for I to play.”

I don’t think you can make a tagged person drop something, from my knowledge. You could use a weapon with a short range and use a knockout manager device to take it away from the imposter temporarily when they kill someone.

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ok grammar police… heheh

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maybe make it so players have an item, and when they are killed they drop it?

Just do this every person have a gimfish in there inventory and when they get kill they drop the gimfish. I’m still I am on project among us kill.


Thats a good idea! Thanks Finn!!!

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