Help with Agent acdemy map

Need Classes for Agent Academy Map I only have Pe

( I will give Credit to anyone who gives me ideas or pics)

Reading class


@THEHACKER120 Thank you

That looks very good



hey @Firestar1000K you could put

  1. Library

  2. Cafeteria

  3. Front Office

Dining Room/Cafetaria
Code is invalid


wow i just checked agin after working on some stuff

THE HACKER i dont wanna be that guy but your copying my ideas

Secretary’s Office

THE HACKER you copied all 3 of my things

This stuff is awesome and how do you make codes invalid

Oh… sry… well technically I had these photos before I saw your ideas… but well…
and I was looking for them since I have millions of screenshots

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he just quit the map

like you make them very good dont get me wrong there

Are we allwoed to share codes

oh im sooooo sorry its just that a lot of people do this to me
thats why i thought you were copying me
sorry again

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No, the code doesn’t work

Thx every one i am putting your names on the map

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