Help with a troll

I want to make it so when you have collision with the trigger, the player feed says (player name) entered a shack. in (location) "I’m trying to get into block coding also can anyone help me?

so do you want them to go into something to where they enter a place with a checkpoint and sentrys?

What? when they enter the shack the player feed announces were they are like the troll.

so are you trolling the person and they turn into a troll?

wydm im so confused this has nothing to do with the post?

do you want to troll a player @gimkit_kid?

yes, I’m asking for help with the player feed, when a player enter location there name appears in the player feed with there location.

sorry wrong thing @Gimkit_kid

click on link @Gimkit_kid

sorry everyone :frowning: I was tryin to help

ok, can I get some help now?

make a teleporter and make all the channels the same word like “yo” @Gimkit_kid

then copy it and put that where you want to troll the person.

Then put the first teleporter behind something like a tree and the other where you want them to go.

I’m not asking for a general troll, I’m asking for the troll that I needed help with, in the post.

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AFTER I EXPLAINED ALL OF THAT. pls show a picture of what you’re working on.

I said in the post of what I wanted, its not my fault that you didn’t read it.

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ok, but I just explained how to do a different troll that you can put in your map. you should do that one too

mabye I will, now please stay on topic with the thing I asked for, are you going to help me or not?

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Make a trigger with blocks. Put the activity feed block for all players. Use the triggering player’s name block with the create text block to make the message.