Help with a title

So I’m about to make a map but I can’t think of a title. The whole game is about where you go on a bunch of quests and in the end you defeat a monster who made those problems

Whats the theme? (medival, space, etc.)


Yeah can you tell us the theme?

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Ummm well I haven’t really decided I’m going more like the futur- no um spac- no how about uhhhh can you guys help me decide?

Space theme: Mission on the Moon
Ocean theme: The Atlantis Rescue

Have you started? And if so, what props have you used?

Not yet but I need help with a title

Hmmm, that’s interesting sure I’ll go with ocean theme

so space furtureistic themed, got it. SO for a game like that i waould say here are the possible names

-Galactic Guild( a place that hands out quest to slay monsters)
-Space Quest
-Monster Quest

thinking of more now…

Ocean theme names:
The Atlantis Rescue
The oceanic quest
Quest under the sea
Into the deep seas

And now its ocean theme…

  • Atlantis Adventure
  • Atlantic Aquarium Adventures
  • Aquatic Adventures

More soon.

I have no idea what that means but I like it!

Uh… it really doesn’t have a meaning but glad you liked it (sry had to reply…)

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It sounds like a wildlife rescue game, ngl

:slight_smile: it does

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You don’t need to put (solved) in the title because there is already a next to the title, meaning a solution has been marked

oh ok didn’t know that

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