Help With A Maze

Does anyone know how to make a maze that every time you play it, the maze is always different?

Make multiple maps, use a random number generator to pick where you spawn? idk

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technicallu you could use a lifecycle(game start) and wire it to a teleporter [event occurs → teleport player to target]. there will be multiple targets with different maze maps. you could also make a maze that changes every few blocks a player moves but the outcome is randomized so the maze overall is always different.

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You could add walls that activate/deactivate when receiving on randomized channels.

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maybe make it so that there are hidden spawn pads for when you d!e and then you respawn in different locations each time around the maze

you could make one large maze and have a random number generator that would put you to different parts of the maze using multiple teleporters

thanks a lot guys, that really helped.

If one of these worked, mark a solution.

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