Help with a design

If anyone here is a Dragonball fan like me I could use some help designing Kami’s lookout. I’m going to use the metal pole as the pole but don’t know what to do for the actual lookout. Please help!

What do you mean by this?

essentially something like this

This is a tower, just to give ideas.


you could probably resize that and add it to a playground with a slide attached

I looked at the picure, and made a rough draft.

The briefcase doesn’t have to be trasparent.

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that doesn’t look bad i like that

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Yep, that’s spot on. Major kudos to whoever built this

Thank so very much. The community is the only reason that this map will happen. I am having so many troubles

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I really wish it let me give two solutions because Foxy and Master together gave the solution. Thank you both

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if you want you can send me the creative map nd i can help you

like this
and then do this
if YOU want i can help

codes aren’t allowed here

not a code like just do this because he said “im having troubles” i thought i could help

That design is sick. You should recommend it to anyone trying make a castle because it looks like a guard tower.

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When you mark a solution don’t put the resolved tag

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I also decided to add snow so it looks like clouds.

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