Help with a counter shop

I have a soccer (I would use football because it is correct, but I’m American and used to soccer, sorry BRITS ) game I’m working on, which will use the points you score for your team to buy weapons, and I was wondering how to do that (if there is a guide on it, PLZ link it, when I looked up counter shop nothing appeared) (when I mean it uses points, I mean buying something sets you back or removes points, so you could be in endgame and have 2 points but really good weapons)

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Maybe do a thing where if you score a goal you (or your entire team) gets cash

I would do that, but It uses the actual points, so you could have better weapons in end game, but have like 2 points overall (there are no rules in my game, so better weapons mean more your opponents are respawning)

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use an item property with scope player or team. when player scores, give them an item. the property tracks that item, and when you buy something the points go down.

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one problem: there are no teams. You can hurt your own teammate, but you will know who is who because of waypoints and a little game overlay at the top of the screen saying what team you’re on (Nice to see you, too) (coincidence, I think not!)

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hmmmm. make the property scope player, then. would that work?

It might, but would take a little bit of work to track whos “team” your on

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Ive done this before

need help?

If you can help yes!