Help with a bounty system [RESOLVED ✅]

Does anyone know how to make a bounty system? I need it to select a random person (relay) then somehow figure out when that specific player has killed if the bounty is on their head.

:white_check_mark: Resolved :white_check_mark:

Do you want the bounty to be on a different team or are you making a Free-For-All?

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A Free-For-All

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Here is my own expieriences, it’s very hard.

Maybe connect the Relay to a Trigger and put these blocks in it?

Then, in the Knockout Manager’s blocks, put this code in (I know it says trigger, I’m lazy lol)

(I’m assuming you already have the relay bounty system)

Can make the player’s name a property through block code?

Yeah, You Can
Ohhh, Smart

Ok thanks! I’m testing right now

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