Help with 4 digit key pad

I I was looking at a guide, but it was confusing so I decided to make my own. and I need help with, when they press- the button to find out if the code is correct, and it’s not it resets, but if it is, it teleports them to a certain place. (I want the first one first though)

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I would like a simple version btw

i can help, maybe make it so when all the correct buttons are pressed, it transmit on a channel, then if a wrong button is pressed it transmit on a channel that makes the button that lets you submit your answer reset it? It would be a difficult process but i might (if i have time) edit this comment with step by step

2 things first, thanks for the help and second, I’m using a trigger system where one, increases and one decreases it, so that might change you plans alittl
this iswhat is lookes like so far

ok then, well make it if the trigger is activated more than whatever digit you need for the code times it will increment a counter and if the counter hit its target which will be the digit it will transmit on a channel and every time it increments it will go on something that goes against the channel so that if it goes over the wanted digit it will not count. repeat this for every digit and each digit correct will activate something and when the final digit is activated it will activate a teleporter that will teleport you when you click a button. But if you get the code wrong there will be a new button tat will reset everything

how did i think of that in my head honestly-

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