Help! where is the wix site?

Guys, what happend to the gimkit wix site.

this is what happend when i searched it up.
Did they take it down? I was just on it.
Like 1 hr ago!

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You entered the wrong url for the site
Use instead

Can you tell me correct url?

It still didn’t work, can you try on your end?

that sent me to the same page as @Epi320

Do you guys know what happend.

I have never used the wix so I dont know at all

@twofoursixeight I still can’t go into the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s down for maintenance right now. We’ll hopefully be finished around 3:30 (est)


Yeah the WIX site is down the link: doesn’t even work

We’re working are hardest to fix some bugs and we will hopefully fix them.


Fair enough~tho it gave me a lil heart attack

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@Epi320 Since this has been solved, please mark a solution.

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what are u guys doin
i cant go on discord rn sry

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I can’t either.

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The wix should be back up and running now

@here we have finished and the site is back up

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