Help? What is going on?

So I just logged onto gimkit and decided to continue my escape room map but I use a questioner I think? But for some reason it wouldn’t let me and instead of the usual red, green, and blue it was gray:
Screenshot 2024-04-28 10.12.16 AM

oh yea and when I take out the link it’s fine sooooooo

Can you screenshot the questioner’s settings?

oops misclick

Probably means that the kit is private and the questioner won’t work.

so my kit can’t work? Do I have to remake it because yesterday it was fine

check is something is wrong with the link or kit if not just remake it


oh then how do you umm delete a kit? If you can’t then

You can change the visibility of the kit.
@Foxy If making a kit’s not gonna work, how is deleting it and remaking it gonna help?

where do I click for that to open

Click on that Private icon on the top left.

nvm I found it so do I click public?


Yeah. See if it works with that questioner now.

you archive it and then delete it

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No! Everything is wrong. If you are in the lobby then it will be gray if I’m sure. DON"T TAKE MY WORD IDK ANYTHING!!!

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