Help voting system counter

I made a very easy voting system but all I need is the counter the very complicated part to me

I am learning devices and blocks and Im a designer, so its a bit out of my area, but maybe ask @getrithekd.

Ok thanks that helps a lot but can you answer another queston

Sure, ask away.

I can’t edit my guide

That’s due to an editing limit that new users have.

What trust level do I have to be

When did you make the guide? You are limited depending on your trust level, 1 day for basics, 1 week for members and 1 month for regulars. So you would at least need Member, but you can’t get that until 15 days active on the forum.

Every trust level has an editing limit unfortunately, so I recommend writing your guides in a separate doc then posting them when they are completely finished to avoid this.

1 day it says hhhhhh

Ok thanks very muchhhhhh

Yes, I’m sorry about that, but as a tip, try to complete most of the guide before you publish it, I have made that mistake countless times.

But do you know how to do the voting counter

Try this @Bruh2 , I pulled it from @getrithekd’s voting guide.

"This will now check the votes and teleport the voted player to the execution chamber. If there is a tie, no one will die. That rhymes!

Property Time!

Make a global scoped number property named “Num Votes”. The default should be 0. Make another global scoped number property named “Guilty ID”. The default doesn’t matter. Make a global scoped True/False property named “Tie”. The default should be False. Make a global scoped number property named “Num Votes Counted”. The default should be 0.

Make a trigger receive on “End Vote”. Put these blocks in:


We are on the home stretch (hopefully!).

Make a relay receiving on “Start Execute” and broadcast on “Execute”. The audience should be everyone. Make a trigger receive on “Execute”. Put this in the blocks:

Also, inside the 2nd if statment, make it broadcast on “Start Reset Player ID”."

Don’t think that will work I made my voting system real diffrent

Can I see what you have right now? It may help us figure out how to do it.

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Mine doesn’t even use player ids

Well then I am soory, but that is all i can find on a good, working voting system counter.

Yeah that would be great.

I think the only way to do this is with player ID’s.