Help Post [Ideas Needed]

I have a ideas for devises like:
ghost like in the Roblox Verizon of among us when your dead you can walk through thing people can not see you its like spectating but your still you self or this could be added to team switcher. because I have noticed that spectating glitches especially in creative. when a new game starts you camera follows a person but you can still do things just like the new device

Great idea! But, suggestions go into the nolt, not here! Welcome to the Forums! Where we help peeps! Remember to read the TOS and FAQ.

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Suggest things somewhere else,
This is NOT permitted in the forums.
Please read the community guidelines.
We will let it slide because your new.

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Hi Iv seen you reply a lot

Yeah, I do! I have nothing better to do. But, that will change by tomorrow…

This is quite suspicious. The Grammer…

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sorry my name is sus

I can’t find the rule book

This is it.

thanks first day even seeing this sorta

I am still confused how were would I post this

wait which category is ideas for should I not have put it in dvecies

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