Help! Please help me

Does anyone know of anything that is used (and active) to share previews of games, since I would like some people to play test my among us game.

You can use the showcase link, which is active for a week and allows people to see your map without you publishing the game.
Or you could host and share the code with your friends or on a padlet or something.

Settings → Save and showcase → Copy showcase link

But, I mean like a site to share it on

WIX, Padlets if they allow it, and the discord. (Gimkit discord)

Request to be in Code Sharing group, and maybe the Groupchat too!
This is the fifth-largest Gimkit-related site

It’s blocked;(

I can’t use discord or WIX
This is smaller

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Yup, still blocked

Even smaller but prob blocked

Yup, blocked, do you have any padlets?

No, but later I’ll invite you to a tiny Slack I made

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Okay, thanks.

Can’t do it now though because it got blocked for me

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