Help on Teleportation

I need help where if you get an question wrong you get teleported to a different area.

Get a questioner and a teleporter.
On question answered incorrectly--------teleport player to target.


I tried that but it wont work

Also tried with wires but still wont work

You need “teleport player here” instead.

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Forgot what that setting was called. Oops.

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The “teleport player to target” is for sentries I think


wait so what do i do, im lost

No, it works for players as well. I used it in my arcade too move people around in memory match.

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do i have to create a new teleporte?

You only need one teleporter.

it works thanks for the help

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The teleport player to target option teleports you to the teleporter that’s the target group of the teleporter.

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