Help on photo shop

hey butterflies i need a little help on gim kit how do u get the buttons to work.

could you elaborate more?

what do u mean by that

could you explain what you need help with better?

ofc i just need to know how i can connect a button to a prop

js take the GKC tutorial. but yes you can press z and click on the button and then click on the prop

kk thank u butterfly

Welcome to the forms!

You can use wires to connect devices to different things! Get them by pressing Z, or next to the devices in the add tab! Also, be sure to mark a solution once you find one!

why r u calling everyone butterflies…

also pls mark a solution :smiley:

its just a nice word that i use like my dads quote that he always tells me a butterfly doesn’t need to know its beautiful it just is

  1. Use wires!
  2. Welcome to the forums!
  3. You can mark a solution if you’ve found your answer!
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The form post for wires got flagged because they thought we didn’t need a guide on them

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Oh whoops! I didn’t see that! Thanks!

Are you still having problems/need help?

you got that off of dhar mann the youtuber

nope all good but thank u butterfly :butterfly:

Make sure to mark a solution so this discussion can delete itself. It’ll create clutter, thanks!

And welcome to the forms! If you need any help making anything, we’re here!

who is dhar mann idk who that even is

Trust level 2 :slight_smile: i dunno how i even earned it