Help on overlays

I’m trying to make it so that when you press a button you get an item and a screen overlay button, but i’m also trying to make it so that when you drop the item the overlay leaves you and someone else gets it. Is this possible?

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Welcome to the forums! Sorry for the waiting!

But yes, this is very possible!

Make the button be linked to a item granter and screen overlay using channels. Make it so there’s a checker to constantly check for the item. When it detects that theres no more item in their inventory, hide the overlay. Make sure to put it on player scope!

Hopefully this helps! I also recommend to read the TOS and FAQ, by clicking more then FAQ on the right!


i still don’t really understand this, can you be more specific on channels and screen overlays? and I tried the constant checker for a different project, and it didn’t work


Have a button, and make it transmit, Start.

Make the item granter recieve on start, and the overlay which will not be active on game start show on start.

Use a repeater and a checker, and make the checker check if theres your item =1, and if it’s good, then do nothing. If the check fails, then hide the overlay and find a way to make someone else get it, using buttons maybe.

Hopefully I said it specific enough with more details

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I already had the first part, but I have yet to test the second part. When I first tried the constant checker, I made it check on game and if it fails, it checks again. It didn’t work, and it kept on glitching. Just out of curiosity why did this fail?