Help on my game

How could you make it so that when you die, you get put into spectator and if everyone dies, game is over?

Edit: how do i also make it so that when the game starts, it counts all the players playing?

Okay here’s what you will need. Lifecycle β†’ team switcher. When player knocked out β†’ switch team to spectator. Create a counter Have it set to target value 0. Make sure that you make it so that when a player gets knocked out that they become spectator and decreases the counter by one. Next create a zone and place a spawn pad underneath have it so that when player enters zone that the counter increases by one. The Ritheked Version of Ending Battle Royales (Difficulty 4/10)
When target value is reached for the counter β†’ end game.


Wait, when i am testing with two players and the game starts, the counter only increases by 1?

Instead, try connecting a lifecycle to a relay then the relay to a counter.

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Yeah do what @NavyCatZ said and make sure that on behalf of all players to update a property or a counter.