Help on my battle arena

so I’m trying to make it where the timer gets to zero (the timer works) and then activates checkpoints where then the players respawn to those checkpoints and they start fighting, but everything i’ve done has only made it to where one player respawns and the other just stays there. I need help if you made any sense out of that.

relay all players wired to the timer?

Are you using a Counter-Repeater clock?

Connect the Counter to activate the checkpoints and respawn the player.

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i tryed that @Haiasi it didn’t work for some reson.

so I have it all conected but I don’t know how to make it respawn all players


i’m gona see if that works

set audience to all players.


lifecycle → repeater → counter → relay → checkpoint–> respawn btw

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ok that worked but the only other problem is that, so I have to tad open one of me and one of “dummy” and “dummy” just spawn right back to where I didn’t want him to be.

try @Haiasi’s solution.

I tryed it and I think it worked. thanks :slight_smile:

Today: @Haiasi 3 me 0.

what does that mean?

in solutions, 3 topics I tried to solve and so did he, but he got them all :smile:

Oh :slight_smile: thats funny. hope you get more solutions than him than. :smiley:

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