Help on making teams be on making them divide to equal groups

I need help on randomizing teams and dividend them. I went to the map setting but it didn’t work it just spawns people on the same side and does not divide them so can have help
P.s @VALUEX tried to help but I didn’t work

By randomizing people into teams, what do you mean?

when I spawn in the game with some friends the teams won’t just get separated evenly it just puts a bunch of people on the same team

click map click teams set teams to how much you want
make sure to do split evenly
you can check the leaderboard to see which teams people are on.
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if you do randomly instead of evenly it wont split evenly it will just put people on random teams.

k i think its working

also what your profile picture

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oh cool How much was it

you cant get it anymore. like a few hundred. also we should probably stop since this is getting off topic.

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