Help on making Bowser and Ganondorf Prop Art

I’m making a game where you fight video game bosses

I’m already done with Meta Knight. But I legit have NO idea how to do Ganon (From Legend of Zelda) or Bowser (From Mario). Any ideas?

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No, but can you specify further?

If you want to do Bowser’s fire you could use lasers on a timer, but…

I don’t need it to be working I just need the art

For Bowser, you can use the Chompz skin sentry. Unfortunately, sentry skins aren’t available to be similar to Ganon. However, you can try using barriers and props to manipulate it.

Good Idea, @JellyProductions

I was thinking of using Raveena, I just need to block the hair

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Remember that art is only for Community Made Guides

That is possible, but won’t the prop/barrier be strange?

Well, it IS possible…

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