Help! not urgent but do want to know for future maps which i will never really get round to making but yeah

How do i make a thingy like a trading machine, so lets say for example if i put in 5 apples i would get 4 oranges in return?

Use a vending machine, or a crafting table.
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@Little if you use a crafting table you need a crafting recipe. You can look at this for some info on the crafting recipe device! There is also some other stuff about crafting in there.

Probably use a vending machine.

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Welcome back Little! The devs just added in a crafting device that would work perfectly for a question like this!

So basically,
Make a crafting recipe with these settings (this is crafting 5 bananas into 4 oranges):

It will automatically go into your crafting table, so no wires are needed

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