Help needed with creating a good looking house

Hello! I’ve been attempting to make a decent looking house for a while, however I can’t get it to look quite right. I’ve looked at some art guides, however they usually don’t fit the theme of the house I want, or they just talk about the interior. If you have any tips or ideas on how to make it better please do tell!

This is what the house currently looks like:

so… you want a shack-like house? i think i can do that

what theme do you want? I could help make one

Yeah, but preferably one that doesn’t use a lot of memory.

There’s a guide on a shack

lemme think. also, i am good at memory-saving if you’re not talking about wires

I saw that guide, however it didn’t really look that good in my opinion (no offense).


Does this work?

  1. try to make the hay piles just one big hay pile layered above the house
  2. maybe instead of a rectangular doorframe, overlap a [semi-transparent] black rectangular and circular barrier to make that flat-with-a-rounded-top door
  3. you might want to tint the “chimney” red to give that classic chimney effect
  4. idk if you want it but maybe layer the doorway above the wooden planks
  5. hurry UP clicker heroes just LOAD ALREADY!!!
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I made another house

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