Help! Need ideas for game! [Gravel City]

I’m making a downtown-type game. I’m not really sure what I plan to do with it, but it’s going to be a story-based game involving mafia/mob-type enemies, with smaller fights and quests
progressing towards the big boss man. I’m not really sure where to start as for plot elements or game mechanics. If you have any ideas, please recommend, don’t just reply with links to guides, unless they’re specific.
I need:

  • ideas for map locations
  • ideas for quests/missions
  • ideas for story-mission connection (why are we doing this mission?)
  • character ideas
  • basic plot + end goal for the protagonist’s story.

Thanks in advance!

Thumbnail I made

buildings. Skyscrapers. Cafe with fooooood.

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office buildeings

Thanks! any ideas for plot or mechanics?

mechanics, no. But plot could be like you barrowed money from a big mafia boss and have yet to repay it, now he is sending his men after you to kill you. try to survive and take revenge on the mofia boss.

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bump because this died fast and i still need ideas

Hey there! I think that would be cool! Consider utilizing the banner devices combined with channels. I think it would be cool if you made it sort of open world, but you had to cross bridges or break barriers to move on the the next stage :slight_smile:

Could you be a bit specific on what you are looking for?

Aren’t there guides for this?

Map ideas if your bored because why not
Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

@cheesebox didnt want guides unless they are specific…

They want ideas for a specific map, not a list of general ideas :slight_smile:

General ideas on how the level design should be, and what the basis of the play-style* should be.
I’m thinking of having the main map be open, sort of like Undertale, but having enter-able areas with fightable enemies that you have to defeat to unlock a reward or reach a boss.

That way the empty parts stay empty to be used to travel between points rather than being an empty area that was once designed to be a battlefield.

The part I’m confused on is: Should the levels be split? Should they be a continuous long segments like Half Life, or should they be split up like Mario?
*Play-style is how the different functions in the game would come together to play out

You could make a game like Prodigy! I would recommend them being continuous, and having checkpoints throughout….

What do you want to do with your map? Like pvp? A place for purchasing items? The town I mean

Kind of like this? It’s very basic, but I guess I’m saying that like levels are in different areas around the map, and shops/buildings serve as a relative location to those areas. Levels will be unlocked as the story progresses, and they’ll be used as plot points.

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OOH! I love that idea and that you are really planning for the game before jumping in. I don’t think I’ll be much help if you don’t like any of the other ideas I had, but good luck!

So it’s like a progressive game and the town is like the backdrop(?)

do you want to put something like a resturant inthere?

Sure, but what would its use be? Would it be a store, or a setting for a cutscene/level?

Can the restaurant be like a place to heal up?