Help me with upgrades please

I want to know how to make a game where there are upgrades like farmchain, with speed upgrades and x1.5 more money and x2 more money, and x3 more money. Any ideas?

do you need ideas or help with coding it?

I need help with the coding part


so make a property. name it “money multiplier” and set the type to number

then create trigger, turn off collision and hide it, and when like a vending machine is used or a button is pressed, trigger the trigger.

in the block of the trigger,
when triggered:
set property: “money multiplier”
value: whatever number you want

then whenever you give the player money instead of just granting it, create this block code in the item granter:
either on wire pulse or when [inster] channel called:
grant item amount: [inster number] x “money multiplier”

It’s just modifying the code from the original device, deactivating the previous and activate the latter.

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is there anything else to it?

wait lemme edit it

can u send pictures? I’ve actually never used blocks before

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i can help you later.


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Maybe these posts/guides might help:

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@DXCTYPE can u send the pictures now?
or if u want I can let you j o i n and you could edit it for me?
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k thanks I will check those out