Help me with team switchers

I have the team switchers and I have a little area on my map where you can switch your teams if you want to

What do you need help with specifically? Elaborate.

you need a button

oh I do? didnt know that do I just wire it?

you just need a button(like Foxy said) and the team switcher device. So wire it to the switcher as when button pressed, switch team. Make sure the effect is on player so it only affects the person clicking the button.

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Yea that’s how u do it. Look at Wolf Techs post


oh ok ty this helped


I’m sorry to spoil, but scope doesn’t effect whether the wire or channel effect happens for just the player who triggered the action, scope (and in this case, button activation state scope) only effects whether the button’s activation state is for the player who did [action], all players on a specific team where somebody did [action] or is the activation scope for all players (global). All wires automatically onky trigger for the player who did [action], unless you use a relay. Not trying to hate btw.

what do you mean it works the way he described

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Thats why i said player, because global effects all.

Wolf’s method still works, but you don’t need to set the scope to player since there isn’t any activation step involved.


Yeah that was what I was trying to say thanks. (Not trying to hate on wolf btw ur cool

Yeah, i always do so like i had no idea that wires made it to where it didn’t matter. But also hi Navy.


Your fine

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