Help me with respawn pls

How do you make it so you can respawn player after they die at a spasific place?

Use a zone and put it into the place where the player can die in. Get a respawn device and wire the zone to a respawn. Player enters zone - respawn player.

idk what you’re talking about but for at a specific place you could use a checkpoint maybe

uhhhhh not sure if this will work but i will try it

Do you mean respawn at the exact spot they died?

you can’t detect when someone dies at a specific place, so this is impossible

no. what i mean is, that when someone one dies they respawn somewhere else

If you want the respawn point to be random, I would use multiple spawn pads.

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What @Coolcaden26 said should work for random respawns

mayeb you could switch their teams when they die and then respawn them again or if u dont want that, you could put like a life cycle and teleoprter when player dies, teleport here so that it only respons them once.

I could go into more detail if u want


you probably got that from Google and it’s off topic

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I like @Scrasher’s philosophy; after all, you’ll learn more if you do it yourself. However, I’ll give a hint: you’ll need zones and teleporters

What I said above is assuming you mean like checkpoints and such
Edit: I didn’t realize they added a checkpoint device

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Working on something big though.

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i tried the wires, it didnt let me conect it to the spawn pad

No, i mean the respawn device, not the spawn pad.