Help me with a tumbnail plss

Hi! I need to make a tumbnail for my map Island escape.
Does anyone have ideas?
I already made a few screenshots.
Screenshot 2024-04-04 15.56.54|690x422

i kinda like the last one

It might take a bit! I’m on it!

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If you want I can try, I’ve never made a thumbnail though. Which characters do you want?

How does this look @cooolcreator11?

looks pretty good? But would you mind changing the foxes to echo and vortex agents? Thanks!

Sure! I can do it! I’ve never made one before lol

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lol still looks good tho

Here is the finished project!

Do you want me to edit anything else @cooolcreator11 ? It was hard with the eyebrows for the vortex agents because they were pretty dark :laughing:

Is there an app or something for making thumbnails?

I’ve heard people talk about using canva
and adobe firefly but I use Kleki

The only problem is that it doesn’t let you edit it so you either have to hit the back button and redo all the stuff or start over.

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what i got so far want me to add anything?

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I can give it a shot, too, if you want to.

Ok, I’m done!
Screenshot 2024-04-04 12.10.23 PM


island escape!!


WOW, that looks GREAT! Good job, looks like it was pretty hard. What did you use?

wow! that looks really good! Maybe change the glass half full to a captain buck if you don’t mind? The rest looks perfect thanks!!

ok, thanks! I will change it

WOW Nixximon! that looks awesome! what did you use? (I used Canva)

Edited thumbnail:
Screenshot 2024-04-04 1.37.19 PM

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