Help me with a stranger things map

so I want to make a stranger things map with a small town a lab and the upside down portal and a demogorgon the only problem is the portal and the demogorgon could you help?

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For the demogorgon I would recommend using a green evil plant sentry, as for the portal maybe use one of the waters and some of the groundbreaking plants or alien plants.

you can use an invisible teleporter and a colored barrier for the portal (sorry it took so long to reply i had to wait for the maximum reply cool down to end)

I can help but you can’t post codes on the forum

I meant a guide or something and the demogorgon would only be a prop for rp

ok I have the portal
Screenshot 2024-03-22 12.32.27 PM
I just need a demogorgon prop guide

anyone there to help?