Help me with a hide and seek map

anyone have ideas for a hide and seek map?

Care to elaborate on what type of ideas you need?

Do u got a theme 4 ur map?

well, i need like overlay ideas and hiding ideas

Do u got a theme? @antony

Hiding ideas:
Armor Stand

not really it just on the normal grass map

ok thanks! that helped alot

Np happy to help :smiley:

Soooo Didja get ur solution?

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the tent prop, you can sometimes hide behind, so you should be careful of that (or use it idk) also for hide and seek maps i make i normally have seeker only “vents”, that give them extra mobility. For overlays maybe a powerup (seeker) could teleport player somewhere, and powerup (player) could either teleport themselves or the seeker somewhere, or add an extra prop to hide in

kinda because i need more places to hide.