Help me with a few things in my map

My first post btw. I am making a capture the flag map, but i can’t do a few things.

The first is an overtime. I have set the game for 10 minutes, but I want to add an overtime. Is there any way to make it so if the score is equal, then 3 more minutes are added.

The second is about gadgets and flags. I made it so you can buy evil eyes, but for some reason they are removed from you inventory when you cross to your side with the other team’s flag. Is there a way to fix this?

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for the second one increase your inventory space

Hello @felix and welcome to the forms, The flag takes up one storage space for your weapons so you can make more space for your inventory then so you can still have the evil eye and the flag at the same time. :smiley: got to go, hope this helped. :smiley:

I can hold the flag and the evil eye at the same time, but when I bring a flag back to my own side the evil eye (and the flag of course) both get removed.

Welcome to the forums, @felix !

Adding more time to the clock isn’t very efficient, but it can be done.
Click the gear in the bottom right corner.
Go to Map Options.
Look at the game clock option and set it to count up.
Now, when you see that 10 minutes have elapsed, you can continue the game for 3 more minutes if needed. The only downside is that you have to end the game yourself.

Getting more inventory slots is much easier.
First, click the gear in the bottom right corner.
Click on Map Options.
Look at the top bar and click Items.
Look at the Item Slots option and set it to whatever number you need.