Help me pleasssssse! so confusing

everybody look this.
(I switched to a trigger(dont try to “hop on” my world please))







what am i doing wrong?!?!?!?! i need it to deactivate the barrier for each player when it checks that they have a gold key.

Don’t make a new topic for the same problem.


A lifecycle is a device that only broadcasts as the host. Use a relay in between to get it to all players

i dont work. uggggggggg. so mad at gimkit

In between your lifecycle and trigger put a relay to all players. For some reason I experience bugs when using wires so have the relay broadcast on a channel that activates the trigger

i tried. on the map just now. no work. should i change the wire to activate trigger insted of trigger.

no that won’t work. it is active on game start. UGGGGGGG

do you have any ideas @TorontoBulls1

Try not using wires in the relay


@Mattnosport I understand your frustration but it creates tons of clutter to make new help posts for the same problem just add to the first one

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okye doke foxy. just super ugged at gimkit right now. usly not like dis. uh. just want his to work

@TorontoBulls1 . sorry, it gust wont work. i dont get. i tried everything. its probly one small thing i missed. can you go over my shots agen. fust to be shure. if you have ANY questens just ask. ill be checking this commonly. i need this to work. map is soooo close to being done!

Can I see a photo of the devices and wiring?

at the top @Bluebay, they are at the top

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … have you tried looking for a guide?