Help Me Please It Is Confusing For Me

How to make it so that when you click a button, there are certain chances to get different items. Like: GimBerry 87% Gray Fish 1% Starfish 12%

Loot Tables! (Fishing System like Fishtopia) | TUTORIAL | Difficulty : :orange_square:(Old Forum Repost)

This might help you


Button Pressed > Trigger

Note: Make sure to place multiple item granters with channels such as “grantstrawberry” “grantwatermelon” etc.

Trigger Blockcode:

Set [Variable] to random integer from # to #
if [Variable] = # 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “grant[itemname1]”

else if [Variable] = #
        do Broadcast Message On Channel “grant[itemname]

This is infinitely expandable, just add more “else if dos to fit your number of items.

To make things more common, add more of them and to make them less common, add less of them

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i am still confused. What will that do?

can you put pictures

It sets a variable to a random integer from # to # and if the variable chooses the # number, it’ll broadcast the “grant[itemname]” channel to grant the player an item.

can you put a picture of the code?

It’s similar to this but you can make up your own channels and values.

so after that, then what?

You’re done.

thank you Haiasi for the help

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wait, how to make it so that you can only click the button if you have bait

Button > Checker (equal item, item checked = bait)

Check Passes > Trigger


If Check Fails, Broadcast Message On Channel “FishingFailed”


Send Notification When Receiving on


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Does it work now?

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