Help me make a Demon slayer map or FnaF sister Location map

I’m new so I don’t really understand this but it would always be helpful with some more experienced people

hello and welcome to the city of chaos the fourms, i hope you find your time here enjoyable @ebillings29

there are some guides in coumminity guides

will you be able to help me on my maps?

Well… you can’t share codes here.

Idk what codes mean in this situation sorry

like what i mean by help is like ideas for what type of floors, barrier, items, and other things I should put in the game to make it look like a Sister Location map from Five Nights at Freddys

game codes to play your game but in the guides if you look it up you can find guides on how to build it, we can’t j0in your game

well i don’t play it or know it so you’ll need to wait for other people smarter than me

o thx I just wanted some hep on what I should add and How the game mechanics should work

okay so then @WolfTechnology will be helpful or @GimSolver

Got pinged, what can I help with?

they want help with map building and game mechanichs for the sister area in five nights of freddys

ok i can help with that, but whats the “sister area”?

i don’t know i just pinged people i know becuase ive never played 5 nights of freddy

alright thx for the help

yeah neither have I, I have seen videos and tins of guides on it.

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what should he do

  • fnaf sl
  • demon slayer
  • idc
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Hi, Um Just an FYI for Everyone I am Female But I don’t mind being called He/She/They also I like the idea of the pole for what I should do for the map

does anybody have any ideas on how I can add bots to looked like freddy,bonnie,chica, and foxy?

ok thc so much for this will ask them

I mean you can use art