Help making an ACC (Account) for a Friend

So, my friend is trying to make a forums AC, but it says he can’t make a Ac with his IP Address. Help? He’s never made a ac, to clarify.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, this is off topic. And it is. But my friend needs help!

Help! Ima have to go.

It is, but if he can’t make an account with his IP address it means he did make an account and is IP banned. Or that his school has his device restricted via a VPN or something. But i would message the mods about this because only they can help you with sort of issue. They have the powers to do so.


yo Wolfy I sent u a email if u want to check :grinning: :grinning:

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But he’s never made an account.

I’ll try to PM the mods…. No, I’m not pinging.

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he could be IP banned

fo an IP to be blocked its either a VPN from your school, home, router, etc(not super knowedgable on that) or has be ip banned. That’s why i said to bring it to the mods. Its out of my abilities. @lando_1 i will check that now.