Help making a sink prop

I need to make a sink but I dont know how can anyone make this sorry no grammer but im in english so gotta go


thank you wolf


Sure, I’ll see what i can do for you.


Your welcome! I’ll have it done in like 10 or so minutes.


Hey @Gim_Fishy do you want to see the sink from the top of it or from the front?

top of it please and metal (My amongus map thanks you)

I need it to water plants as a task

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Ok thanks.

hold on is there a water dispenser prop?

Smart, im almost done with it.

Sadly no, but you can using a vending machine and make it give players water bottles.

if so i will add it to the side

there is! I will put it next to it

everyone notice I cropped the tabs?

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so you just need two circle barriers, 2 metal signs, 6 very small metal poles, and if you change the layering, it should look like this, i personally dont know how much i like it but its the best i can do also there is toliet in the photo as well.
Screenshot 2023-10-16 9.54.38 AM


its very weird to make

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